Monday, April 12, 2010

Off-perspective drawing

In this seminar, I talk about landscape drawing and painting from an unusual perspective.


Anonymous said...

Heya Mark! Glad you're doing ok. It's great to see some new stuff from you. Wanted to say thanks for the new vids, and the crosshair program! How is your comic is going? I'm dyin to see it! Lookin foward to seeing more stuff from you!

Anonymous said...

You are God send, thank you so much and God bless you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,
Ive been having trouble viewwing the videos on livestream cause where I live the internet connection is horrible so was wondering if there is a way I could download them so I can watch them off-line? or maybe you could post them on vimeo / youtube? that way I can let them load... by the way, vimeo has great new features.

janysek said...

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