Saturday, May 12, 2007

Episode 17 - Drapery
This tutorial is an attempt to explain the way fabric behaves and includes a short clothing drawing demo.

This episode was edited together rather than taken as one long cut. I also recorded everything at DV resolution. I feel this new format can teach more within the 10-minute time limit (less ramble, more content, better structure). I'm extra curious to hear everyone's thoughts on the new episode format.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Getting a job...

Sorry about the lack of updates, folks... I've had some problems with my capturing setup and trying to deal with the audio skipping. Anyways it seems to have been solved so I can continue the episodes again soon.

On the plate are:

ellipses in perspective

Also I would like to start a 10-minute painting techniques series soon.

Mundane reality is starting to set in and money's starting to run out. I have to do annoying life-changing things like getting a job so I can keep doing this.

I'm considering releasing NTSC 30fps versions of the series on DVD and direct download at $2.00 per episode. I might even go through the trouble of editing out my bad dialogue and do things in multiple takes so you don't have to endure my mumbling. The main issue that's stopping me is that I know how the internet is -- you can watch high-definition bootlegged movies on broadband and really anything I do can be easily traded around. However, I don't really like the idea of putting up these goofy warnings and getting involved in Copyright law because, well, I'm a guy who doesn't particularly like the Movie And Film Industry Associations (MAFIA) and so I don't feel so good trying to follow their example.

Unfortunately, it still leaves me without a brass razoo to my name. The principle of internet content is that it wants to be freely available and that it's counterproductive to go against it. So really, all I can rely on are donations (so far the counter is still $0.00) so maybe I can't rely on that, either. It would sure be great if I had some sponsors (although I know that many people dislike advertising. I myself use an Adblocker.)

So now I ask my viewers: What IS worth paying for on the internet? What do I have that I can offer that would be worth both my time and your money?

For now I'm applying to a few local colleges for a drawing instructor's position. My biggest problem right now is I don't have much evidence to corroborate my capability as a teacher. If you would like to help me out, you can write what you think of the series and post your reply to this message. Please use a spell-checker as I will be forwarding these to my prospective employers (I wish to avoid fixing grammar and spelling because it makes me seem like I'm doctoring my references). That alone would be a lot of help, you don't have to write up a massive essay.

Anyways, I hope to have episode 17 up soon, but it's 04:38AM right now and I gotta crash and send out some resum├ęs...