Sunday, May 31, 2009


Getting kind of tired of posting Youtube videos since each time I record a video, it eats up a few gigs of hard drive space, takes a while to convert, a while to post, etc. etc. etc...

So now I'm using livestream and teaching people interactively, etc.

I hold broadcasts at random times of the day and don't stick to any particular schedule.

You can view everything RIGHT HERE by hitting the "On-Demand" button on the player below to see past recordings. This is also where you can chat with me or others during live broadcasts (or while others are viewing the prerecorded On-Demand stuff) When I'm on, I'll show up in the chat as "moatdd".

DISCLAIMER: these are totally unscripted chats, and some content/language will offend the easily offended. There's drawn nudity, some sexual themes and stuff I'd consider only suitable for 18+ audiences.