Friday, February 23, 2007

Episode 03 - More Perspective Principles


dhenton said...
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dhenton said...

Sorry for the double post. just wanted to say how cool these videos are. i was referred to here via the Blender software site. doing these demos in a 3d program would be interesting as well.

Thanks so much for your effort!

sylverone said...

I really like your lessons. IO've only looked at the beginning three so far, but I have something I thought I needed to say.

In lessons 2 and 3 you talk about how actual perspective is curved. I understand this and all, it is called "curvilinear perspective". The problem I have is that you talked about how the other methods of perspective were "wrong", but this isn't true. Curvilinear perspective just takes all three methods of perspective and condenses them into a single process. By zooming in on a curvilinear picture, you can get the effect like you were "looking around" inside the picture by moving around you frame on the page. I just thought this should be addressed.

Mark Chong said...

dhenton >> yeah, I considered firing up a 3D program, if only I had some way of drawing over-top of the 3D display.

sylverone >> Good point. linear perspective isn't necessarily wrong -- but it's less effective at emulating reality because it doesn't account for perspective distortions as the viewing angle changes.

Orthographic and isometric perspectives (which don't take distance into account) are also poor choices for emulating human perspectives -- but they're easier to work with because they're missing information.

I feel that working in a perspective system that differs from how we normally view the world (bad enough that images aren't stereoscopic) will detract from the believability of the drawing somewhat -- and it's also very easy to fall into the trap of letting the perspective system decide where everything should fall instead of relying on your own perspective sense (which is curvilinear).

Anonymous said...

THank you for that cylinder thing that was very helpful for drawing rifle scopes..

sylverone said...

I know I'm replying way late, but I want you to know that I read your reply!

I get what you mean. I just wanted to point out that curvilinear perspective doesn't really replace linear perspective, it just unifies the three types. It is more complete.

It also helps the artist to approach a scene with the idea that it is only a section of a larger picture.

Anyway, thanks for these videos! they really help!

BROD WONG said...

man, i couldn't really put my finger on why the rings in my cylinders don't look right whenever im doing spherical/cylinder shapes for anatomy to give it volume. Your video did a lot of good for a problem I thought was hard to explain. Kudos!