Thursday, June 14, 2007

Free Toronto Seminars/Lectures

New email address:

tenminutedrawing AT moat-dd DOT com

New facebook group

You can join and post images for critique -- not for the faint of heart! I won't mince words, but I'll do my best to help you in the right direction.

Things are moving along smoothly with the International Academy of Design and Technology, all the papers are in order, with my first class starting July 9th, 2007. Before then, I'd really like to get some dry runs in teaching groups of people so I'm offering free drawing seminars and lectures to people in the Toronto area.

This is not the usual "drawing-get-together" type meeting as I will be giving actual lessons and live demonstrations. You only need to bring a reliable writing/drawing utensil (I suggest a ballpoint pen that gives a steady line or a fountain pen or a fineliner -- pencils tend to smudge and working carefully obviates erasers.) and a pad of 8.5x11" paper or a sketchbook. Portable chairs are a good idea for our days outdoors, and you can get good ones with a seat back (don't get armrests) at MARATHON OUTDOORS for only $20.00 after taxes. A wide-brimmed straw hat does wonders for sunny days and it'd be a wise thing to have some strong sunblock with you.

I have yet to select a location, but for everyone's sake the lessons will be held at night or on the weekend and if there's daylight and good weather (It's summer, after all) we may draw on the University of Toronto campus or along the lake shore or the beaches. If it's at night, or the weather is awful then the lectures will be held at Chapters or in the Eaton Centre or some place indoors with a lot of space and places to sit without being harassed by security guards.

Join the facebook group to learn about upcoming lectures and maybe we'll be able to vote on a place and time for the seminars.

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