Saturday, June 23, 2007

Season 2, Episode 1 - Introduction To Drawing

Do not adjust your set... I restarted the series because I found better ways to explain drawing which made all the previous episodes rather obsolete.

I'll still leave them up for people to watch, though. I'm also recording all of these at NTSC resolution so that when I have enough episodes to fill up a DVD, anyone who has donated $30.00 or more will be entitled to a signed copy.

Of course someone will probably digitize and upload the DVD to a peer-to-peer file-sharing network. Oh well. I can hardly make rent as it is these days so I'll have to find other ways to stay alive. I'm thinking of setting up an online mentoring service, or maybe I can find schools that would buy the DVD in large quantities or start a webcomic and sell a hardcopy paper version of it...


Daniel said...

i must say as a student i am finding your videos very helpful. this one in particular was helpfull in understanding how lines are relative to there enviroment. i really lookforward to the next one. 5stars

rayk said...

Hey Mark, watched a few of those videos and found them to be very helpful. I think a dvd would be a great idea! Good to have the videos back :D

floodis said...

Honestly, I think the spreading of your videos would only be good for your economy. Because as it is right now no one hardly knows you or your work (the internet is just so big). But if some of your videos got spread and people got to know you, then there is always some way you can get paid. I mean you are the one who actually has the initial control over the videos.

One way to take advantage of this control is to let some of your videos spread on the net. Then when people want more, you got the upper hand. Just take advantage of peoples goodwill (people want you to keep doing these videos and therefore are willing to pay/donate) through e.g pre-orders of the DVD:s. E.g you announce that if the people want more of these videos they have to pre-order 50 copies of the DVD (or as much as you need to make a profit). The when you have 50 pre-orders its just a matter of bringing in the money. And when these copies make it to the p2p networks you have made your profit and it just PR for your next DVD release.

The Blender Foundation (developers of the free and open 3D software) work in this way all the time, and it seems to work for them.

This will work because people are not evil. If they like you (and they seem to love you) they will gladly help you out financially.

Just my 2 cents.

Jose Antonio said...

Hi Mark, I've been watching some of your videos and they really are great. I teach freehand drawing in a small town called Blumenau in the south of Brazil, and the internet has become my greatest source of information right now, sources I'm constantly reviewing and updating. I don´t teach at college, although I´d love to, I work at a semi-public cultural foundation and we don't have a lot of resourses, most of the material I use in class is my own stuff. If you do release a dvd, please consider other languages (subtitles) cause I sure would like to show them to my students. I could purchase it and translate it to portuguese myself if that be the case. In class, I've been using a mixture of Glenn vippu's drawing manual, the "Drawig With The Right Side Of The Brain" book by Betty Edwards.. and a number of other publications I've collected along years of work in an attempt to grasp out of them the best way to show my students what drawing is all about and how to go about drawing.
I hope you don´t mind I use some of your examples and method you show as reference in class. Please, do keep posting your videos. I'd like to contribute somehow but as a teacher I don´t earn enough to pay off my bills either. I think the one thing I can do now is to spread word about your work. By the way what program are you using to draw? It's really neat. Keep up the good work.


It would be nice to chat someday.



Robert said...

Can't swim? At my college it was a graduation requirement, even for music majors. Final test was treading water for 15 minutes and surviving a leap off the 10 meter platform.

I didn't think it was true that there are people who can't float, but it turns out, yes, there are.

Thanks for your videos!