Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ten-Minute Drawing -- LIVE!!!

Streaming Webcams - solution by Camstreams

Well well.... It seems that if you have Windows Media Player working on your computer (sorry for all non-windows users...) you can watch my screen live and talk to me through the meebo chat on the sidebar. There's about a ten-second delay for my audio/video so I'll seem a bit laggy. If you see me online in the chat you can pop me a question and I can turn on the screen-camera. This wonderful webcam relay service was provided free by Camstreams. Ain't technology wonderful?

Anyways, I can't have it going at all times (it's gotta be turned off while I record episodes and surf the web or play games but I'll try and stay in the chat app as much as possible)

1 comment:

Angel said...

I'm a ubuntu linux user, for those that cant watch you, they may use mplayer, its a nice plug-in and fucntion the same as a windows media player
Love all-Server all =D