Saturday, May 31, 2008

Workin' on a painting demo...

I've been struggling the past couple days to get a demonstration video done for painting from photo reference, and I have 2 hours of footage shot, but it's too damn long. I'm just not able to paint fast enough, I waste too much time making mistakes. I know that this series is no longer being held to a 10-minute format, but I sure as hell don't want to drag it out to over an hour!

I've already taken 2 stabs at recording this (both went over an hour) but the results have been getting much better each time. Anyways, here are my most recent failures.

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David said...

Nice failures so far! Did you color-pick on the originals or did you just eyeball the colors? By the way, I wouldn't mind learning from your mistakes as I seem unable to learn from mine.

Makes me think of something. I don't know if you take special requests, but one thing I'd really like to be explained by you is colors. I mean, how to get a consistent color scheme with the colors of different parts of the environment interacting together, and also under different lighting conditions. When I paint an object with the color my brain tells me it is, it typically ends up looking like a child had chosen the colors. For instance, I know a sheet of paper doesn't appear the same color in the morning sun, on a cloudy day or at sunset, but my brain still tells me it's plain white. I end up always using wrong colors.

It would be cool if you could explain this stuff and maybe do some basic mistakes to show us how to fix them.

Anyway, keep that up!