Friday, June 06, 2008

Interactive lighting

(This was the end result)


David said...

Wow. Enlightening. That helps a lot. Very good exercise indeed. It really helps put things together. Thank you!

MiBi said...

How do we chip in again?

I'd also like to ask, what should a beginner do to practice? The boxes, sit in a park and draw people walking by, draw a little landscape? I guess I just don't know where to begin to increase skills.

dyf said...

Thanks mark for all your effort in these videos.. the donations applet on the right doesn't work.. would you mind posting information on how to donate?

yosh64 said...


I tried to email ya (got from ya website) with some questions and such and found ya inbox or whatever is full.

I think ya should open the donation thing up as I also would be willing to donate something as I think your videos are worth it.

Thanks anyhows, and I hope things are well over there.


yosh64 said...

Just me again...

I mean to say, even if you don't make anymore I would still donate.