Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shaders & Materials Photo Practise

I removed these demos because they used photo reference that wasn't mine -- I will rerecord these demo using images I take myself. It'll just take a little while.


Anonymous said...

thanks! I cant wait for this one!
ive been watching all your videos in order, just got to the gradient shading demo and got confused cause the next video was the materials 2 but now I know, and cant wait! its been an awesome ride seeing them all!! aweome work! and you are a great teacher :) tahnks very much for all this.
and in your case being the videos educational material there shouldnt be any problem uing other peoples photographs as far as i know, youtube made you take them down?

Mark Chong said...

Youtube took no action nor made any requests to take down the videos -- but since I am earning some small share of advertising revenue through these videos, I have completely, voluntarily taken down the videos and will make the effort to record something equally educational in their stead.

Anonymous said...

Thanks mark for the answer.
and tahnks for your great videos, cant wait! really appreciate it :)