Saturday, October 25, 2008

Youtube Partner Program

So, I finally qualified for Youtube's Partner Program... After reading through a bunch-o-stuff on their Terms & Conditions, I felt that some of my videos such as the "Derelict" series(which had Winamp playing some Copyrighted music playing in the background) and my photoreference speed painting (which used some of Chris Smart's work and some reference) were gonna pose some Copyright problems so I voluntarily took the initiative to take 'em down.

Not to worry, I will be rerecording these demos using my own photo reference taken during my travels through Europe. I have a 40-minute speedpainting demo of a church during my visit to Annecy, France that I'm compressing for upload now.

He graciously gave me permission to use his great photographs as reference materials for my video tutorials so I'll be re-uploading just those videos. Anyways, if you're interested in obtaining a hard copy of these inspiring images, check out his book! I'm getting it fo' sure!

ANOTHER UPDATE (last one, promise!): I think I've had a Partner Account for all of um... 24 hours? I was greeted by quite a sight today!

So I want to thank everyone for this little moment of bliss (not that anything is REALLY changing) and to thank you for your comments and questions for past, present and future!


Koichi said...

Congrats! I don't find the ability to make money very useful or lucrative (at all), but the ability to place links + banner on your channel is great, and drives a lot of traffic! Good Job!

joverine said...

congrats! hey thanks for linkin me in your blogroll! and for all the blogger tips! I know I've thanked you in DA but thats my public thank you :D

keep up the great work man! inspiring me that's for sure!

Mark Chong said...

koichi: Heh, I have to think of an animated GIF to make for my banner, preferably one that isn't annoying!

joverine: Aw shucks, I have yet to have anything published on paper, so if anything I have a lot to learn from you!