Thursday, August 27, 2009

Livestream videos going down on Sept. 1st

Livestream will be enforcing their 10GB limit for free users on Sept. 1st. I'm over that limit by 65.24 GB.

So I'm gonna have to delete a big chunk of those videos by Sept. 1st.

There's way too much footage for me to bother dealing with moving it over to Youtube, so you might as well watch what you can before I take it down.

- Mark


David Nethery said...

Oh, that's a shame , Mark. Sorry to lose those sessions. Is there anyway to save them and back them up for maybe reposting at a later time ?

(or just too much work to do that ? )

Well, anyway, thanks for the efforts.

Remi The Rockstar said...

argh too bad... leave the art rage one so i can see it :)

you rock!!!