Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Livestream's turned out to be only good if I'm doing focused lectures where I'm the only guy working, but it's not so good for critiques and collaborations. And besides that, I've finally got enough of my story worked out that I can actually start working on some designs for story elements.

TL;DR: I'm gonna be broadcasting from early in the morning around 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM at night, Except for Tuesdays when I go out for life drawing.


I might do livestream sessions if I have a particular lecture or subject to cover


Tacoz said...

Hey Mark! De Tacoz here! I was wondering, if perhaps, one of your rooms broke or something. It appears that I've been banned from http://tinychat.com/moatdd. I was wondering if the room glitched out or something or if I was really banned =\. Didn't wanna miss your stream today so figured you might notice this on here! Sry for bothering ya.

Kasumi said...

Your room ended up on the front page again. We didn't get any trolls though. Just a chess player.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

Just a suggestion/request. I really wish you would do some of the youtube based 10 minute ones. Like the "Applied Excercises" series or the "Sculpting" one or "How to draw drapery" etc. I think those were fantastic, to the point and more in line with the spirit and name of the blog. short, sweet and focused 10 minute techniques/ideas/teachings that we can quickly turn around, pull a sheet of paper and try.

The new live streams are a tad long. Its very rare for me to be able to dedicate 1-3 hours to watch on demand videos or reschedule work to be able to catch a live feed.

I realise that this is just my personal experience and I admit your live feeds do provide tremendous value.

My humble suggestion, if I may good sir, is that perhaps you can still do some short, focused 10 minute videos every once in a while? Perhaps post them while you are inbetween live streams. I found 10 minute youtube videos invaluable in understanding some basic concepts that never really clicked while reading on a static page.

Even now, before I start drawing, I still quickly look at one of the old youtube videos for warmup/inspiration before I put pencil to paper. And don't worry about rehashing the basics. I, and possibly most of the world, are infact quite slow and need to be told the same thing in many different ways before they fully understand it.

I realise the extra effort that you will have to put in, but given the tremendous benefit that everyone will gain, I hope you at least consider my suggestion.

Nicholas Allott said...

I agree with Anonymous, those short, focussed youtube videos are great.

An hour or two is an intimidating amount of time to commit to, but I always have ten minutes to spare.

Even if the ten mins is part of something bigger that's ok. It usually sparks my interest and I end up watching the whole thing anyway. ;)